Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flying Courier

Flying Courier
Gold: 370
Bought from: Supportive Vestments

Creates a small very fast flying unit that can carry items to and from your base.

Summon Flying Courier (active)

Obtained from:
Animal Courier
Gold: 170

Flying Courier Recipe
Gold: 200

An Animal Courier will be upgraded to a Flying Courier if they carry a Flying Courier recipe

Summon Flying Courier
  •  Creates a Flying Courier to carry items
  •  Flying Courier has 150 HP, 10 armor, Burst (moves at max movespeed for a short time), Courier Shield (invulnerable for a short time), and magic immunity
  •  Flying Courier cannot carry Gem of True Sight or Aegis of the Immortal
  •  Costs 5 mana


  1. oh well
    how can i make EDF as 3 EDF using manta style..

  2. manta style it's bad for davion when your elder dragon form it's activated, because you'll lose the edf.
    the only way you can get 3 elder dragon forms it's illusion rune