Monday, April 4, 2011

Enigma, Darchrow - Guide

The Enigma is one of the few heroes who can cast a single spell and change the course of a game. With good summoning and disabling spells, the Enigma is also a great support hero. Malefice is a unique stun, which hits a target several times over a few seconds instead of all at once. This makes it great for chasing down enemy heroes and preventing foes who rely on channeling abilities from casting their spells. To aid his damage output, the Enigma relies on his Conversion spell, which transforms a target creep into three Eidolons which multiply as they attack. This spell can even be cast on powerful neutral creeps, making the Enigma a good neutral creeper and ambusher. The real power of the Enigma is his Black Hole, however. Black Hole is a very powerful channeling spell which completely disables all enemies in a large area around the target location for a good length of time. In addition, it drags them together, providing a perfect target for the spells of the Enigma's allies. To further increase the power of this already deadly spell, the Enigma uses Midnight Pulse, an area of effect spell which causes repeated damage based on the target's maximum life. Although powerful alone, the Enigma is strongest when supported by allies with strong area of effect spells, since they can make the best use of his Black Hole.

Darchrow - Enigma
Range: 500 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: INT
Str: 17 + 2.1 | Agi: 14 + 1.0 | Int: 20 + 3.4
Damage: 42 – 48 | HP: 473 | Mana: 260
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 0.81
Attack Speed: 0.67 | Armor: 4

Malefice (F)
Focuses Darchow`s hatred on a target, causing it to take damage over time and become repeatedly stunned.
Level 1 - 30 damage every 2 seconds, lasts 2 seconds.
Level 2 - 40 damage every 2 seconds, lasts 4 seconds.
Level 3 - 65 damage every 2 seconds, lasts 4 seconds.
Level 4 - 80 damage every 2 seconds, lasts 6 seconds.
• Damage type: magical
• The stuns will only be applied if the target is visible, contrary to the damage which is still dealt.
• Casting range: 600

Mana Cost: 110/130/150/160
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Demonic Conversion (C)
Splits a creep into 3 malevolent aspects of itself, coming under your control. Lasts 35 seconds.
Level 1 - Spawns 3 Lesser Eidolons.
Level 2 - Spawns 3 Eidolons.
Level 3 - Spawns 3 Greater Eidolons.
Level 4 - Spawns 3 Dire Eidolons.
• The converted enemy unit will give you gold bounty and experience.
• Eidolons will multiply when they have attacked 6 times. When this happens their health is restored.
• Casting range: 700
Mana Cost: 170
Cooldown: 35 seconds

Midnight Pulse (D)
Steeps an area in dark magic, causing all opponents who dare enter to take damage. Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 1 - 3% max life lost per second.
Level 2 - 4% max life lost per second.
Level 3 - 5% max life lost per second.
Level 4 - 6% max life lost per second.
• Damage type: magical
• Damage goes through magic immunity.
• Destroys trees in its area.
• Casting range: 500
• Area of Effect: 400
Mana Cost: 95/110/125/140
Cooldown: 25 seconds

Black Hole (B)
Summons the powers from the darkest abyss, creating a vortex that sucks all nearby enemies closer, dealing damage. Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 1 - 30 damage at range, 60 damage close up.
Level 2 - 50 damage at range, 100 damage close up.
Level 3 - 70 damage at range, 140 damage close up.
Mana Cost: 200/300/400
Cooldown: 200/190/180 seconds
• Damage type: magical
• Casting range: 250
• Area of Effect: 400 Pull AoE / 500 Far Damage AoE /150 Close Damage AoE
• Disable works on magic immune units.
• Completely disables all caught enemies.


LATE GAME:                                                     OPTIONAL:


The result of a collapsed star entombed within a field of elemental magic, Darchrow is one of the most dangerous beings in existence, consuming hundreds of worlds into the void of his hate and hunger. He is not above using his own allies as portals for his own servants to come through. Capable of manipulating both void and shadow in combat, his greatest pleasure is to release the oblivion within him upon the world, creating an abyss that draws enemies ever closer to destruction.

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